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We can recover lost data from SSD drives, hard drives, USB drives, RAID and virtualization with mechanical failures, firmware issues, physical damages and human error. Since 2004 we have received about 16.000 cases and we have a success rate of 90%.


Sima Data Recovery has a data recovery laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology. It is provided with the necessary means, applications and tools to be able to carry out any data recovery process regardless of the type of fault that the damaged device presents.

We are experts in data recovery from


open hard drive open hard drive

We have 18 years of experience recovering data from internal and external hard drives, applying the best procedures in order to obtain the best possible result depending on the damage to the hard drive. We have an ISO 5 (class 100) clean room and a horizontal laminar flow cabinet, ISO 4 (class 10) for opening hard drives.


M2 solid state drive M2 solid state drive

Most solid state drives fail due to firmware issues, another percentage due to bad sector issues, and a few due to electronic issues. In our laboratory we have the best tool in the world, developed so far, for data recovery on solid state drives, PC3000 Portable III from ACElab.


hard drive connected to server hard drive connected to server

The implementation of a RAID system is usually done for data security, no system is 100% secure.
Unfortunately, RAID arrays are still susceptible to data loss. In most cases, a raid array fails due to damage to the hard drives, often due to bad sector problems, another percentage due to damage to the read - write heads and in a few cases by human error. We are RAID specialists with 18 years of experience, a dedicated RAID recovery lab, very fast response times and 24/7 emergency services.


MAC is one of the most used operating systems by designers and photographers, in recent years it is one of the tools that corporate users and students have adopted due to the reliability of its platform and compatibility with other Mac devices such as iPhone and iPad. We have resolved hundreds of Mac data recovery cases. Our experience with apple architecture, as well as our commitment to providing solutions for all versions of the Mac platform, makes us a leading Mac data recovery company.

Data recovery process
Step 1

Contact us through one of our service channels, 800-865-0221, [email protected] or WhatsApp +1 7797034394 and inform us of your problem so that we can resolve it. This information is very important to process your case and evaluate it efficiently. The Customer Service Department will send you the terms and conditions of our data recovery service. When you have completed the process described in the terms and conditions for diagnosis, you can send us your device. As soon as the device arrives at our laboratory, the Customer Service Department will contact you to inform you of the receipt of the device and inform you of your ticket number.

Step 2

Within a maximum period of 24 - 48 hours after receiving the device, we will contact you to inform you of the diagnostic and send you the cost of the data recovery via email.

Step 3
Data recovery

From this moment you decide if you want to continue with the data recovery process. If you wish to continue with our service, you must contact us to formalize the authorization for data recovery. When the data has been recovered, you can review it remotely. Once the payment for the service has been confirmed, we will deliver the recovered data.

Step 4

If the retrieved information does not exceed 200GB, we will upload it to you via WeTransfer with password protection. If it exceeds that amount, you must send us or buy a hard drive on which the recovered data will be stored. Our Customer Service department will ensure that you can access your data successfully.