Sima Data Recovery works in a fully certified class 10 ISO 4 cabin in order to guarantee safe and reliable results for our clients.

In the data recovery industry, one of the most important parts of the lab is the clean room. In our laboratory we have an ISO 5 (class 100) clean room and a horizontal laminar flow cabinet, ISO 4 (class 10). Annually, an external testing laboratory reviews the clean room and the cabin to verify that they exceed the conditions imposed by the ISO regulations.

The purpose of this clean room is to provide an environment free of particles, with permanent control of temperature and relative humidity. The need for an environment with these characteristics is defined by the nature of the work carried out in it. Companies that do not have a laboratory with these characteristics and proceed to open hard drives endanger the possibility and probability of recovering the data.


One of the most important factors in successful data recovery is the equipment with which the information is recovered. Sima Data Recovery has specialized equipment for data recovery, we have equipment for recovery of SATA, SSD, SCSI, SAS drives. When a drive unit arrives at our laboratory an analysis is generated to determine the damage of the drive. After its analysis and verification the drives are connected to this equipment to repair Firmware, SA Modules, among others.

In addition, once the drives are connected, they are duplicated with this equipment sector by sector to guarantee data recovery.

The hard drives are not exposed to the traditional connection processes used by many people and companies. They are connected directly to the equipment generating a Block in the unit that allows us to verify Firmware, SA, Surface and Heads.

Even once the drive has been recalibrated the blockage generated by the equipment prevents us from writing directly to the damaged drive, giving us the possibility of generating a copy of the drive.

At the moment of generating the images or copies, we work directly on them to recover the information of each client.

Our specialized processes have made us one of the most important companies in the data recovery sector.