In our Laboratory we have a clean room ISO 5 (Class 100). Additionally, an ISO 4 (class 10) laminar flow cabinet is located within the same room. 


The data on your hard drive is organized according to the the logic of a file system. Similar to the structure of a book, where the data contained in it can be accessed by accessing the index. This process is controlled by the operating system, which is the system that has access to these logical structures.

If these structures were damaged, due to an operating system failure, or a virus attack, the data cannot be accessed. The physical device would work correctly, but the loss of these logical structures makes it impossible to access the data.

In the same way, due to human error, a disk can be accidentally formatted, or files or folders can be deleted from it.

Our constant research of the latest technology in the field of data recovery allows us to efficiently recover data from storage media that suffered (among others) the following problems:

  • Accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Corrupted data from file system corruption, viruses, etc.
  • Accidental deletion of data

From the following operating system and file systems:

  • Microsoft windows (all versions )
  • Mac os / os2 / vms
  • Minux / unix
  • Virtualizations in vmware, hyper - v, citrix xen server

If your device experiences such a failure, it is very important that you do not attempt to recover your data using any type of data recovery tool. Apart from the fact that it will be a totally useless process, it can irreversibly damage the magnetic surface where your data is written. Physical failures can present themselves from the moment you turn on the drive, such as internal knocking sounds or the drive not fully booting.

A hard drive is made up of a multitude of mechanical parts, with a millimetric adjustment between them. Any failure of any of these parts results in your data being inaccessible.

At Sima Data Recovery we know all problems that could possibly occur. We have a large stock of parts to cover practically any failure of any model. Keep in mind that due to the unstoppable advancement of technology, any disk of a certain age may be discontinued by the manufacturer. This forces any data recovery lab to have an ample inventory of parts at its disposal.

The most common cases that can occur are:

  • Head crash
  • Damaged motor
  • Bad sectors
  • Electronic failure
  • Firmware corruption


Once your hard drive has been received in our laboratory, we will diagnose the problem and send you a precise estimate of the data recovery process required and its costs.

From this moment you decide if you want to start the actual data recovery process. If you wish to contract our services, you must contact us to formalize the authorization for data recovery. When the data has been recovered, you can review it remotely. Once the payment for the service has been transferred and confirmed, we will deliver the recovered data.

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