Sima Technology is called Sima Data Recovery in North America

Since 2004, Sima Technology has been offering data recovery services to a wide variety of clients in Colombia and Latin America. Over the past 8 years our client base has grown, encompassing a vast number of individuals, small and large businesses, and governmental institutions. 


At Sima Data Recovery we are acutely aware of the rapid evolution of Information Technology (IT), which is why we constantly work on the research and development of tools aimed at satisfying our clients needs. When we talk about data recovery, we mean a complex research and development process. This process is aimed at solving data loss caused by different causes in order to recover lost information and implement new techniques applicable to similar problems.


To offer effective solutions for data loss at reasonable prices, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. At Sima Data Recovery we are going to continue working under the same principles and we thank each of our clients for the trust you place in us on a daily basis.


Sima Data Recovery has experience with thousands of data recovery operations and this has given us in-depth knowledge of different types of storage units, formats and damage scenarios, we are currently close to 16,000 cases received. We take extreme care at all times not to aggravate the damage already done, which is something you risk if you don't go to a professional. We quickly find the best solution for the client within the established limits of time and costs. In all recoveries we achieve optimal results with minimal risk.

We make a constant investment in research and development, which allows us to have the most advanced technology in data recovery. Today at Sima Data Recovery we continue working to provide our clients with the best alternative in situations of lost data. Our experience in the sector and the high degree of success achieved in data recovery has allowed us to develop an agile, simple work process adapted to the needs of our clients.

In our 18 years of operating, Sima Data Recovery has remained faithful to the 3 characteristic principles of its ways of working, key points of its success and consolidation:

  • Have a technical department that is leading in technology and research.
  • Provide a professional, personal, clear and direct service to clients and collaborators.
  • Offer unbeatable conditions with respect to quality & price


Our constant research of the latest technology in the field of data recovery allows us to efficiently recover information from storage media that suffered (among others) the following problems:

  • Accidental formatting
  • Repartitioning, duplications
  • Damaged surface
  • Premature failure of the unit
  • Mechanical failures ( motor, heads, etc.)
  • Viruses
  • Internal hard disk deprogramming
  • Missing or misconfigured raid arrays

About the different operating systems and file systems:

  • Microsoft windows ( all versions )
  • Mac os/ os2 / vms
  • Linux / unix
  • Virtualization in vmware, hyper - v, citrix xen server